Andy Maslen ger dig 100 copywritingideér

Det finns många böcker om att skriva reklam. Få av dem är svenska. De flesta är amerikanska och lika som bär. Har du läst en har du läst alla (typ). Därför blev jag glatt överraskad när Andy Maslen, erfaren engelsk b2b-copywriter, förklarade skrivandets hemligheter bättre än många andra i Write to sell (2007). Snart kommer hans nya bok – 100 Great Copywriting Ideas. Please copy me ger dig bokens introduktionskapitel:

Ideas are the lifeblood of great copy. Here are 100 of mine you can transfuse into your own writing. Not all are purely about copywriting: as well as running my own business I have often been asked to advise clients, so my insights into the selling process go far wider than the copy you write for your website or sales letter.  

Most of the ideas draw on copy I have written for hundreds of clients since I started my agency, Sunfish, in 1996. Sometimes I have quoted directly from it, other ideas use the copy as a springboard for a more general discussion of a particular technique. In each case I have tried to give you a sense not just of what works, but why it works and how you could use it yourself. I like telling stories too, which is why so many include situations and dialogue from jobs I’ve worked on. And although, like most independent and freelance copywriters, I’ll sell anything, or almost anything, I specialise in subscriptions copywriting, which means a fair few examples are drawn from the publishing industry. These ideas, though, have a much wider application, especially if you work on products with the potential for repeat purchase of any kind, not just subscriptions.  

Some of the ideas talk specifically about web copywriting. But you can apply all of them to almost any channel. People do not react differently to copy just because they’re reading it on a screen rather than a piece of paper. They may be more ready to stop reading, however, and that calls for an even more relentless focus on the reader.

100 Great Ideas kan du läsa mer om boken. På Adlibris, Bokus och Amazon kan du förhandsboka eller bevaka boken, som kommer att finnas i handeln i mitten av juli.